Cheung Hing Foundry was established in 1958. All through the years, CHF has made every endeavour to develop and manufacture its products to meet with the requirement of relevant standards and to cater for the needs of local and overseas drainage and plumbing industries.

CHF specializes in manufacturing cast iron pipes and fittings, include anti-syphon trap, bend, tee, P trap, disconnecting trap, rainwater outlets, channel gratings, manhole covers and frames, etc.
The purposes of products are conforming to international standards: BS416, BS437:1978 BS4622:1970 and BSEN877. These fittings also conform to the standards mentioned in the Buildings Department PNAP 282.



本系列產品亦符合香港特區政府屋宇署的PNAP 282要求。

Our products have also undergone tests performed by HKAS accredited laboratories under HOKLAS.
They are proved to comply with the requirements of Buildings Department PNAP 282 - Cast Iron Pipes for Drainage Works.
符合香港特區政府屋宇署的PNAP 282要求-排水工程的生鐵管
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